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my little pony


read some pony stories.

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Napper the mlp

Napper is a sparkle pony, but she had a problem.

one day she was walking along in the woods with her two friends Sunspot and skyrocket.

It's a nice day today said Napper, Sunspot agreed. But something got Skyrockets attention in the bushes, she heard ruttling and growling. "Hey Sunspot, Napper you should come hear this". "What is it?" said Napper looking scared and confused. Napper slowly walked towards the bushes whare Sky

rocket was. Skyrocket was also looking scared and she's

the bravest Sparkle pony in Ponyland. But Sunspot diddn't seem to care about that sort of stuff. Sky rocket was slowly backing away. Napper was tring to be brave a slowly came closer to the bushes. Sky rocked couldn't bare to watch, while Sunspot rolled her eyes, not looking shocked or scared. "It's probably a baby pony playing tricks on us"
said Sunspot. Napper was really close to the bush now. And in a Matter of seconds she was grabbed by a monster with sissor-like claws. The Monster isn't a type that would hurt a pony it only cuts thier hair. In Ponyland once a ponies
hair is cut, it can't grow back unless magic powers of a flutter pony is used. The monster slowly walked deeper in the woods leaving Napper Heartbroken. "My Hair, it's been cut" Napper had tears in her eyes as she looked at the remain parts of her hair on the ground. The other sparkle ponies diddn't know what to say. all Napper could
do is travel to the land of the Flutter ponies to fix her hair.


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My Napper really had a hair cut

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