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my little pony
Ponies of today

ponies from 2002 and up

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the new ponies are here!

hasbro has released new mlps,there are so many tpes
perfectly ponies,sparkle ponies,super-long haired ponies,baby ponies and pegasus ponies.

these are the frist collection of my little ponies in 2002


These Mlps are from the butterfly island collection. their pictures have sparkles on them. Very Pretty!!!
Ponies from left to right, Seaspray, ribbon wishes and kiwi tart.


here are some shimmer ponies. they are called shimmer ponies because thier hair is mostly made of tisel. ponies named from left to right, Fizzy pop, Strawberry reefs and Island rainbow.

Coming soon to this page

Hidden treasure
super-long hair ponies
winter seris II and III
first set of 2003 mlps
jewl ponies
evening wear with sunnydaze and sparkleworks


this is my first new design, pegasus my little pony her name is Island Delight.

Ringing Liberty Bell

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