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my little pony
Photo Album

my little ponies from 1983 to now

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These are some of hasbro's earlier my little ponies.

The pink pony's name is cotton candy and the lavender pony's name is blossom.

There are six ponies in this collection they are cotton candy,blossom, Minty, Snuzzle,Butterscotch and Bluebelle.


here is the next set of ponies.

The orange ponie's name is applejack and the blue ponie's name is bow tie

there are two other ponies to this collection
.bubbles(earth pony)
.seashell(earth pony)
these two My little ponies are in a sitting down pose


Rainbow my little ponies

these rainbow ponies come in earth ponies, unicorn ponies and pegasus.
the pony pictured above is parasol, i don't have the rest of the ponies in the collection but the other ponies are
.sunlight(earth pony)
.moonstone (unicorn pony)
.windy (unicorn pony)
.skydancer (pegasus pony)
.starshine (pegasus pony)


Here are some of the twice as fancy ponies from left to right,Merri whether, Bonny bonets ad night glider.


sweat steps mlps
this mlp is a ballarina pony with moveable legs. Her name is tip toes.


These are the presious pocket ponies. from left to right, Lil pocket & sweet pocket there are two others Bunny hop(white with pink & purple hair) and bubble fish(pink with pink & blueish green hair) these ponies were made from the 1990-1991


Mummy and baby Cotton Candy

I think hasbro has a great idea, making mummy and baby mlps.
sooo cute!!!
There is also mummy and baby Blossom and mummmy and baby Suprise.
Look out for loving family ponies they include:A Mummy, Daddy,Baby Brother and Baby sister.
I don't have any loving family ponies,But I'm sure they are pictured in other mlp sites.

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