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my little pony
Photo Album

Fake My Little Ponies

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these two ponies are unicorns, but the one on the rigt is a real my little pony and the one on the left is fake.
look closly at the front leg furtherest away from you, see how much the fake is copying the real pony by pose?

look at the top photo

Here are some ponies, but one of them are fake....

the pony on the right is fake and the one on the left is real.

these are ballarina ponies

check photo album for more information.


flutter pony fakes

as you can see here the poses of these two ponies look almost the same.
the faces of these ponies are alike and they both have long legs, but the fake diddn't have wings.


Baby fakes

some baby fakes can look alike, as shown in photo

their poses can also look alike. Stargaze(blue baby) is the real Mlp


Earth pony fakes

the pony on the left is real, but the one on the right is fake. fake earth ponies put there front legs up most times and are sometimes more chubby than a oringinal My little pony


Here is a Merry Go Round fakie The pony on the Left is real her name is sunny bunch. compare Sunny Bunch to the fake on the right. The fake has a unremovable cape like suunny bunch.

Another way of telling a real mlp from a fake is
.Check under ponie's hoof for Hasbro and a date
.Mlps never have both wings and a unicorn horn
photos coming soon

Lava Lamp, Bubbling

Did you Know that there are actually Mlp fakies which have been made in the mlp Hasbro Mold. so the pony looks like a mlp but you can just tell that it isn't. The fake ponies have a mold like Stargaze (for baby fakies) and a mold like up, up & away (for adult earth ponies)


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